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Breathing Circuits belongs to respiratory anesthesia or endotracheal tube for ventilation products, including anesthesia type, breathing type and sleep type, etc.

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< style="text-align:justify;"> The product is used in conjunction with the ventilator and anesthesia machine to establish a breathing connection for the patient.

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< style="text-align:justify;"> Pneumothorax and incomplete mediastinal emphysema, bullae of lung, der Blutsturz, acute myocardial infarction, hemorrhagic shock (before blood volume supplementation) are not allowed to mechanical ventilation.

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Anesthesia Type

Adult Type (General), Adult Type (Telescopic), Adult Type (Smooth)

Child Type (General), Child Type (Telescopic), Child Type (Smooth)

Breathing Type

Adult Type (General), Adult Type (Smooth), Child Type (General), Child Type (Smooth)

Sleep Type

Adult type (Smooth)

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