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Baihe Medical’s Participation in Arab Health Ended Perfectly

< style="text-align:justify;"> On January 27-30, 2020, Arab Health was held in Dubai World Trade Exhibition Center. As the largest international professional medical equipment exhibition in the Middle East with a wide range of exhibits, it has always enjoyed a high reputation among hospitals and medical equipment agents in Arab countries in the Middle East. < style="text-align:justify;"> < style="text-align:center;"> < style="text-align:justify;"> < style="text-align:justify;"> Baihe Medical cooperated with its subsidiaries to present the exhibition. Our group displayed its anesthesia, blood purification and nursing products, including central venous catheter, hemodialysis catheter, IV cannula, injection site adapter, hemoperfusion device, wound dressing, guidewire, etc. < style="text-align:justify;">
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During the three days of the exhibition, visitors were coming and going in front of the Baihe Medical booth. Our on-site staff introduced and explained various series of products to each consulting guest, fully displayed the product line and treatment plan, and showed the profound Baihe Medical Devices Group to the visitors, which made them admire. The exhibition here has enhanced the popularity and attention of the company's brand, making it being further promoted.

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